Liebe deine feinen Linien  

We call them fine lines and we all have them. Wherever we go and whatever we do we carry them with us. Through life. Through love and heartache. Every day stress and exciting adventures. Hard work and wonderful vacation days. Aging is a part of life and fine lines are the proof of unforgettable memories.

So love your amazing lines. Every day. Because the truth is that we will never be rid of our wrinkles. All we can do is refine them and age gracefully with them. By giving our skin the nourishment that it needs. By using good skin care products and create an effective skincare routine.

Jabushe cherishes your fine lines. Thanks to active skincare with real results. A beauty routine that effectively reduces wrinkles, minimizes pores and improves sun damaged skin.

Take care of yourself.

Brand ambassador Jessica Almenäs

We are very proud of our cooperation with TV show host Jessica Almenäs. Jessica is a down to earth person with a personal appearance – an active woman with many projects going on. She has a successful career but is at the same time very family oriented and prioritizes taking care of herself, her health and her appearance. In short, she is a person that many women can relate to and an embodiment of Jabushe’s number one belief – being proud and happy in your own skin.

Jessica Almenäs